Revelation of Jesus: Week 14


Week 14: Matthew 24:1-28

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Week 14: Matthew 24:1-28

Preached on Sunday, November 4, 2012

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Message #14 – SERIES: Revelation of Jesus – In Matthew 24, Jesus gives his disciples some insight into the end times. Teaching through Matthew 24 helps set up Revelation 6-19 for us in the coming weeks. But the most important thing is… do you know Jesus?
EXCERPT: What You NEED to Know…

The events described in Revelation and by Jesus in Matthew 24 can be unnerving… but here’s the thing you NEED to know… Listen:

Telescoping Prophecy

Pastor Josh explained the principle of “Telescoping Prophecy” during the message this morning. You can find audio of his explanation beginning at about the 8:00 mark of this week’s message. The graphics he references are in the video below.

1:10 Community Group Homework & Message Notes

1:10 Community Group Homework

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Download a PDF of the message notes and 1:10 Community Group Homework.

Revelation of Jesus Get more info here on our series, “The Revelation of Jesus”.
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