James: Part 1

Introduction to James

James 1:1

Sunday, April 23, 2017

We start a new series through the book of James. While the book of James is beloved by many Christians, very few seem to know much about the man who wrote it. The writer of the book of James was Jesus’ little brother (Mark 6:3; Galatians 1:19), yet James remains humble and never mentions that fact. James was an incredible man of faith, and one of three men (along with Peter and John) to whom Paul defers and declares to be a “pillar of the church” (Galatians 2:2). He lead the church in Jerusalem and writes his letter to Jewish Christians scattered around the Middle East. Before diving into the text of his letter, take some time to learn about and from James!

Part 1: Introduction to James

by Pastor Josh Weiland | James: Faith in Motion

Scripture Used in This Message

James 1:1

Mark 6:1-4

Mark 3:21, Mark 3:31-32

John 7:2-5

1 Corinthians 15:1-7

Acts 15:13-21

Galatians 2:9

Message Notes & 1:10 Homework

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