A Generous Life: Part 4

Toward Extravagant Giving

Luke 10:25-37; Acts 4:32-37; Mark 14:1-9; Luke 6:38

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This week we look at examples of an Expanding Giver and an Extravagant Giver in God’s Word. To become an Expanding Giver requires me to slow down, open my eyes, soften my heart, bend my back, and extend my wallet. We see a good example of this in the Good Samaritan. An Extravagant Giver is looking to invest in Jesus’ Kingdom—long term, outliving themselves. Barnabas does this, as does the woman who breaks the jar of expensive perfume to pour it on Jesus. Our giving comes out of three buckets: Budget, Assets, and Future. Consider how you might be generous with your assets. Ask, “What do I have?”, present it to the Lord in prayer, and see what he might do through you!

Part 4: Toward Extravagant Giving

by Pastor Josh Weiland | A Generous Life

Scripture Used in This Message

Luke 10:25-37

Acts 4:32-37

Mark 14:1-9

Luke 6:38

Message Notes & 1:10 Homework

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